When I told my boyfriend I was going to write an internet blog post about unplugging and disconnecting from social media he laughed. I guess the concept is a little funny, but with putting more effort into this blog recently it has crossed my mind about taking time out of everyday to make sure I relax my mind. It’s my nature to be always thinking about the next best thing, the next recipe, my next career, my next workout, what I’m doing next weekend, etc. This can stress me out and make me feel very anxious, and has made me realize I need to shut down my mind every night. Now, this has not actually happened yet but I am trying hard to make it into a routine.

Here are a list of my tips to disconnect for a little bit of each day:

  1. Take a walk with a loved one or alone. I did this last night and it felt good on my eyes to not be staring at a screen and great emotionally to take time to connect with my loved one.IMG_3966-2-L
  2. Practice yoga. I really enjoy yoga when doing it but lack motivation to go because I don’t feel like it is considered a workout, now I know this is naive and I should take more classes. I have one on the calendar for this weekend, I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Spend time in a bath or hot tub. Ahhhhh I wish I had a hot tub! I would probably be in there all the time, but baths can be just as relaxing and it would really force me to put my phone away.IMG_0367
  4. Make a to-do list of home projects you want to complete so that you feel like you are still getting something done while decreasing screen time.
  5. If possible, turn off or silence your phone an hour before you go to bed to make sure that you can get a better night’s sleep.

It is difficult to disconnect and hard when there is so much good info/news/tips/friends all online at your fingertips but I really think it’s critical for our overall wellness. Here’s to trying to shut off just a tiny bit more!

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