I lasted 1.5 days on the advocare cleanse

I have seen this cleanse advertised all over social media. Friends do it, bloggers do it, people I know try to sell me the products etc. I am in the process of losing about 20 pounds and so I thought maybe this was something I needed to try to jump-start my weight loss. I figured I eat pretty clean already so why not take some pills and drink some fiber powder. Well I’ll tell you why not – because that is unnatural. I can get fiber from grains, fruits and veggies and I don’t take pills so the supplements weren’t even going to happen anyway. There was also the Spark energy drink. Why did I all of a sudden become so desperate that I was going to start drinking energy drinks? Coffee is good for your body, and the coffee was what got me. I had been on the cleanse for 1 day and then on the second day was going to meet up with my friend for coffee after work, but on the Advocare cleanse you can’t have coffee. So I told myself that I could have a tea, and I enjoy tea. But really I wanted coffee and that’s when I quit the cleanse, all because I felt that if I wanted a soy latte I should be able to have one, and it was delicious!

It really made me take a closer look at what I put into my body and the messaging that is out there for the millions of people to see. My overall thoughts about the cleanse are simple. If Advocare is something you do to jumpstart weight loss than great, the clean eating portion is really excellent, but if you think that eating clean and taking pills and drinks for 24 days will get you to your health goals and keep you there, you are most likely wrong. Eating well takes work and is not always easy but getting your nutrients from a box is the worst option.

Overall, I am happy I spent the money and the 1.5 days on Advocare because it catapulted my decision to go back to school to be a holistic nutritionist!


One thought on “I lasted 1.5 days on the advocare cleanse

  1. ashleyackerley says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more that eating well and healthy takes a LOT of work. I think anyone who thinks that by taking a pill or drinking a shake they will lose all their weight are fools. It is 80% diet and 20% exercise! I will say though, adding the Advocare cleanse and challenge can help your body to function more properly because you’re now taking vitamins and supplements daily that our diets can’t fully provide. I’m sorry the cleanse wasn’t a good fit for you but I love how it opened your eyes to holistic nutrition! The key is always to do what’s best for you!! You’ve got this!

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