Whole 30

Well, well, well here I am! Back in action and here to tell you about this interesting new journey I am on this month. I have looked into Paleo/Whole 30 previously and turned my nose at the concept because how was I supposed to go 30 days without greek yogurt, quinoa, beans and no cheating!? There was no way I would last. I will say, I think highly of those staples so eventually I will probably incorporate them back into my diet. My weight has steadily increased to a number I haven’t seen in about 10 years, a number that when I lost 50 pounds 10 years ago I never wanted to see again. That number made me decide I needed to do something a little drastic.

The day I decided that, the bf and I were talking and I could tell he was thinking something and I asked what was on his mind. “I am thinking I need to do something drastic to lose some weight” were his words and I then told him that all day I had been researching and thinking about trying Whole 30. We were both on board. Usually I enjoy starting things on a Monday but, this was Sunday so we decided to start Tuesday after we went grocery shopping on Monday evening. We are on a budget and I was happy to see our grocery bill which included a ton of food was no higher than a normal shopping trip.

It is now day 4 and I feel like susie homemaker! I have been cooking egg frittatas, chicken fajitas, making homemade mayo, potato salad and mango salsa and I love it. I do really wish we had a dishwasher though…It feels good to be in the kitchen making food that is for optimal health. I have yet to get the headaches or the lack of energy some people have described and I hope I get to just bypass all of that because I am feeling great! The bf even mentioned keeping a diet like this 80% of the time and then incorporating other food in 20% of time, that would be fun!

Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and share this journey with you. I hope to post more reguallary about this and other happenings in my life.

Here is a picture of my last meal before the challenge, we had Thai and froyo:


And here is a photo of one of my first meals on Whole 30:

egg fritatta


Talk soon!


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