My New Toy

I guess the one nice thing about celebrating a birthday and getting a year older is the presents…and dessert, if you know me you know I HAVE to have my sweets. A couple weeks back I turned 28 and rang it in with some of my best friends, it was a great time. A couple days later I got a gift from my bf – a new watch! This isn’t just any watch though, it is the new Polar Loop watch/activity tracker! I have been eyeing this for probably close to a year now and I am in love with it.

The Loop tracks activity, steps, calories, heart rate, and time. I decided to get this one because it connects with my blue-tooth heart rate monitor strap that I wear for all of my workouts. The Loop also connects to Polar Flow and iphone app where you can see all your stats laid out in front of you:



Wearing this has really encouraged me to take long walks throughout the day when I can, get off my booty every hour to avoid the inactivity alerts and push it in my workouts. I never thought a tracker like this would have so much impact on my daily life but it does and I love it!

What are you doing today to hit your activity goals?

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