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Gym Pet Peeves

I love the gym. I look forward to going every single day and usually the last 3 hours of my work day I spend watching the clock tick away counting down the minutes until 5:30 when my workout begins.

This has really helped improve my math skills – 3:04? two hours and 26 minutes until my workout begins! 4:38? 52 minutes until the class starts!

While I always look forward to the gym, some days the choices fellow gym-goers make can really irritate me, almost to the point where I should be investing in yoga classes after my group fitness class just to bring my stress level back down to normal. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that some people just haven’t learned proper gym etiquette, which is fine – but when you are the only one slamming down your weights in between sets, it’s time to reevaluate what you are doing at the gym, buddy!

Here is a list of my biggest gym pet peeves from the last 10 years of being a gym rat:

  • Waiting for a workout class by standing outside of the group fitness room 5-20 minutes before the class starts. This, I just do not understand – if you are at the gym, shouldn’t you be doing something active while you are there?
  • As I eluded to above, throwing weights all over making very loud annoying noises. I know you are trying to lift heavy, and that is excellent, but you need to be controlling your movements – this is a gym now olympic weightlifting.
  • Space invaders. Group fitness classes can get pretty crowded but feeling sweat fly off of you is not really how I wanted to spend my dinner hour, so please look at your surroundings and be adaptable.
  • Grunting, oh the grunting! I don’t understand it. Again, I know you are lifting really heavy things, but this isn’t your own private gym – there are people around who don’t need to be bothered by your sexual sounds. 

Those are some of my biggest gym pet peeves, others include: not putting weights/equipment back where it belongs, horrible instructors and bad facility lighting.

What do you love and hate about the gym?

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